Tuesday, January 4, 2011

30X30: Day 3

This is Day 3 of The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge!

Time: 35 minutes

Workout: I kept it EASY tonight.  I also did my five minutes of meditation breathing--3:00 first thing in the morning then another 2:00 right before bed.  I hide in the closet for the breathing--it seems to be a good place for it for now.  Tonight though--a bunch of Z-Health mobility and nerve drills, some other mobility work for my spine (neck, thoracic, and lumbar), some cat/camels, and lots of Indian Club shoulder exercises...very, very light...nothing more...

Comments:  After 15 hours of computer issues, I still knocked off my 30! This was about as close as you can come to bailing out...but I can't stop five minutes short of a miracle...or short of my 30!  I didn't get the mandatory computer issues dealt with until 9:45 PM, so by that point I was very tired and grumpy...once again, and even after over 1,440 days, I was glad I exercised for 30 minutes AFTER I completed the exercise session.  

To be honest on two issues, anytime I get started after about 8PM, I'm going to opt for something that is easy as in restorative or rejuvenating because I'm usually too tired especially on a night where I have to work the next day.  Also, from a deeper wellness perspective, managing stress with exercise is lower level than just eliminating the stress out of your life period.  This very important point was made on a fitness podcast I was listening to the other month...it stopped me cold because it's really true.  I talk a lot about "managing stress with exercise" but not enough about just getting rid of the stress--and I'm "talking" about my own life as well...easier said than done of course.  I've been reflecting on this a lot more the last few weeks.  The new Mac is supposed to be part of the stress elimination part...although this remains to be realized at least in the near future!  Nonetheless, it's better to manage stress with exercise than let the stress just sit there and ruin even more of you.  After the computer issues, I got short with my wife.  Not good.  After my exercise, I felt an apology was in order--mine.  The mood change with even 30 minutes of very light joint mobility was enough to snap me out of it--or at least enough of it to keep me from getting whacked on the head by my KB wife Candas.  :o)  *The next day was much better and largely I think because we went to bed less frustrated over the issues earlier that day, which again, were assisted by 30 minutes of exercise and "mood recalibration."

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Staying the Course for 30 minutes a day, Coach RJ

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