Monday, January 31, 2011

30X30 Challenge: Day 29

This is my 29th day of The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge!

Time: 30 minutes

Exercise: Meditation breathing, Indian Clubs, Z, fighting stick, martial arts practice, KB TGU and 1/2 TGU

Comments: Did a lot of correctives tonight before getting after it on some kick bag action plus spent some quality time with my stick fighting techniques. Felt good to kick the #@!# out of my new bag!!! It was a nice day for martial arts as I went downtown tonight into Silverlake for a Filipino cultural event that featured Grandmaster Nene doing Balintawak stick fighting--very close proximity combative work.  I really enjoy the sticks.

Only one more day now for this year's 30X30!

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Sticking with it...NO Excuses! Coach RJ

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