Sunday, January 2, 2011

30X30: Day 2

This is Day 2 of The Lean Berets 30X30 Challenge!

Time: 35 minutes

Workout: We had a freak snow storm in SoCal this afternoon!  I was lazy, and it was cold, but alas, NO Excuses!  I still needed my 30.  I opted to stay in the house watching football while I did the following: Z-Health joint mobility, other assorted mobility drills for my spine, biofoam roller, FootLog, ValSlides for quad stretches, Indian Clubs, and the wall press drill--plus I got my five minutes of dedicated meditation breathing which I will be doing all month as a pilot.

Comments:  We've had a lot of company for the holidays which has been pleasant because it's a sign of getting back to some degree of normal after moving and working back and forth across America the last six years.  After my friends left today we quickly did some housecleaning then it just felt good to go easy--especially with the snow.  The kids wanted to play outside, and the neighbors all came outside to check out the snow--so enjoying the snow and going easy with my exercise later tonight seemed much more appropriate tonight.  I still have to get my THREE days of quality cardio this week--part of this year's 30X30 goal, but I still have five days.

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From a snowy SoCal tonight, Coach RJ

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